Frequently Asked Questions

Like Aubergine, Brinjal is another name for Eggplant.

It is like a Tomato Sauce with an Indian flavour and spice

We seal our products hot for longevity and because we don’t want any annoying leaks during transport or sales. Best way to open our lids is to lever gentle just under the seal with a butter knife and they open easily after that.

We follow a recipe passed down through generations that uses vinegar for preserving. This way we don’t need to add anything extra to preserve our products.

We are based in Charlestown NSW

Please enquire with us – we can sometimes arrange interstate or click here for a list of our stockists

Originally when we started we made these at home for friends and family – now we hire out a Commercial Kitchen for production but we still follow the same small batch recipe to maintain consistency in our products.

All of our products with the exception of Beetroot Relish are gluten free. We use a malt vinegar for our Beetroot Relish which has a gluten content.

We use this as a precaution as we cannot guarantee spice ingredients have not been processed in a facility that has had contact with these allergens.

We are Australian made and owned, however we cannot get a variety of our ingredients in Australia locally so we use some imported spices. Where we can we always try to use Australian made products as we have a passion for Australian grown, made and owned.

Some people keep their tomato sauce in the fridge and some in the cupboard. We leave it up to you but for a fuller taste return products to room temperature before using. Beetroot relish can live in the fridge after opening to maintain shelf life.

Generally we hope you’ve enjoyed our products well before the Best Before date – however this is simply a guide as with age, flavour intensity will disappear and any product ultimately has a used by date.

We strive to be friendly to the environment in every way we can – during production we gladly recycle packaging and try to minimalise waste.

We have tried a combination of vinegar and bicarbonate of soda, lemon juice and also domestic solutions like Jiff. Store your products on paper towel to avoid annoying spills

No, what you’re probably tasting is the goodness from handcrafted, small batch recipes.

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